One Room Schools Published 2006-07-20

Have you been listening to NPR's series about one-room schools? The latest was aired on Tuesday. [link] What a fascinating view into a world that is foreign for most. There are numerous lessons we can draw from the one-room school.

"You know, I think eventually education is going to have to stop and look at the example set by a one-room school and say, 'Oh, my, maybe they weren't deprived,' ... Maybe going to school and listening the next kid and having to help that kindergartner when you are an eighth grade because the teacher was busy, maybe there is something to that. ... Many, many things have been done correctly in a one-room school and the results are there to read in history, if you just turn the right page. " [Moni Hourt - teacher in a one-room school]

A one-room school provides numerous challenges, but at the same time offers numerous opportunities. Listen to the piece and see if you can find examples of collaboration, authentic assessment, and creativity.

I don't know about you, but I was very moved and inspired by this story.

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