Don't Regulate Resess Published 2007-09-06 under

A Colorado Springs elementary school is banning the game of tag on its playground -- after some children complained that they'd been chased or harassed against their will.

Assistant Principal Cindy Fesgen of the Discovery Canyon Campus school said running games will be allowed, as long as students don't chase each other.

Well as long as running in itself is not outlawed... Come on! There were around 39,000 fatal car crashes in 2005 Dept. of Trans., but you don't see a ban on driving. Instead we have laws that punish dangerous behavior. So why take the drastic measure of banning all games where kids chase each other when working with those students who are harassing other students will solve the problem (and be more constructive)?

I remember being attacked in a kickball game during recess in 5th grade. I also remember getting into a fight during recess in the 2nd grade - again I think it was a kickball game that was the setting. Should kickball be banned? I would argue that such incidences are part of an education. I would never want my daughter or any child to get into a fight, but there are lessons to be learned. I not only remember these fights after 35 years, but also remember the emotions running through me at the time. Specifically, I remember the efforts by adults to work out the underlying reasons the fights broke out. In one case, the boy that attacked me was having difficulty at home and in the other case I was jealous that my friend did not pick me for his team. As a result of these discussions, I ended up with more compassion for and understanding of my fellow classmates.

It seems like we as a society are often taking the easy way out by regulating activities in lieu of the more time consuming task of educating and forming appropriate behaviors.

That said, I do remember the terror that consumed me during recess in kindergarten when the girls attached the boys in a game of kissing tag. Now that kind of tag needs to be outlawed!