The Ian Jukes Show Published 2006-07-05

From Gutenberg to Gates to Google & Beyond
Ian Jukes
Wednesday July 5, 2006 (3:30pm)

Link to Presentation

Ian's presentation at the 2006 NECC conference today offered great entertainment. His enthusiasm, comedy, and evangelist style is compelling but does not leave much time for discussion. The session was full of facts, a few conjectures, but no conclusion other than that we need to think about how education needs to be rethought. While I was entertained and enjoyed the presentation, I left wanting to continue the discussion and really delve into what schools of the future will look like.

Central to Ian's presentation is change and especially the rapid change driven by technology of today. From these changes we can identify themes that may mold schools of the future. Three themes that have emerged from the last ten years are personalization, individual control and anytime / anywhere. My school of the future will embrace these themes. What will your school of the future include?



Janine Kahn said...

Ian and the conference are mentioned at our School Me! blog at the LA Times (in today's column). Have a look if you get the chance.

Janine, School Me! staff