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I am excited to be speaking at this year's CLMS/CLHS/NHSA/CUE conference in Monterey, CA titled "Teaching the Millennial Generation: Technology Tools that Transform the Learning Experience".  I will be speaking about online collaboration tools such as wikis, writeboards, and Office-like tools.

I am interested in your experiences in collaboration and what you find to work in your classrooms.  What do you use to collaborate?  Do you have your students use collaboration tools to do group projects?  What is important to you in a tool? Reliability, ease-of-use, features, notifications, use statistics?

Let me know if you are planning on attending the conference and whether you have any specific questions about collaborative tools. 

Thanks and See you in Monterey!

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Bill said...

I use wikis in my class to create reviews for exams. Students create all of the pages. They are responsible for determing what topics are covered and the only direction that I give is that it must be complete.

At the end of the year, these wikis provide a great resource for reviewing for the final exam.