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Let me start by confessing that I am a Firefox fan.  I try (with some success) to get all those I work with and for to convert.  Tabbed browsing is my biggest pitch as it reflects how the web should be used - jumping back and forth from one site to another to another.  You read about about something that sparks an interest, so you open a new tab and Google it.  You come across a word that you don't know so you look it up at an online reference site. But with the release of IE 7, tabbed browsing is no longer owned by Firefox.

My true favorite part of Firefox is its extensibility.  Extensions (for those not familiar with Firefox) are small scripts that you can install that allow you to add functionality to your installation of Firefox.  There are hundreds of extensions; in fact you can write your own.  I have the extension installed in all of my systems.  It allows you to quickly tag (and store) the current page in your bookmarks.  Similarly, my Bloglines Toolkit extension gives me quick access to my Bloglines account as well as a quick way to add a site to my feeds.

But, you may say, there are similar tools for IE.  Why should I switch to Firefox?  The answer is simple - FirebugFirebug (v1 beta) is a web developers best friend.  It allows you to "edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page".  This tool is a must for anyone working on the web from developing sites to writing content. Jesse Newland has a great screencast that provides a short introduction into Firebug.

So, if you are a developer, webmaster, content writer, blogger, etc. you need to get Firefox and install Firebug!  Don't take my word for it, check out the buzz behind this extension.

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