Back From a Break and Looking Forward Published 2008-03-03

It has been almost five months since my last post. This picture explains why...

While our Chapin has kept us busy, it would be too simplistic to place all of the blame for ignoring Digital Crosswalks on him. I have been busy with other projects (more on these in future posts). But, really, there is always time to do those things that are important to you.

So why no posts? Lack of ideas - No. I have outlined numerous posts in my mind, but they never made their way to the blog. Lack of interest - Warmer. I must admit that I went through a period of despair when my viewer numbers dropped. Lack of context - Hot. Over the past five months, I have stopped reading posts from those whom I have (and continue) to admire from the ed-tech world. Dave, Will, Vicki, Bud, Kathy, Steve, etc., I guess I need something different.

In the spirit of Frans Johansson's "Medici Effect", I have been looking beyond the ed-tech world for answers. In my last post before my 'break', I spoke about a Pop!Tech presentation by Jonathan Harris. The melding of art and science, design and technology, information and story, really excites me.

From my 'sabbatical', I return with numerous new project about which I will be sharing with you over the coming weeks. For now, it is off to EduBloggerCon - West Coast 2008 and the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, where I will continue to be asking "Why Blog?".

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