What is Delicious? Published 2009-03-09 under , ,

delicious logo A primer on social bookmarking - in case you want to "get on board".

At the CUE conference this year I presented Delicious: Innovation in Education. Rachel, one of the attendees, offered a very interesting comment: "I love Delicious and have been trying to get other teachers to use it for years. But no one seems to know about it [Delicious or social bookmarking ]." I suggested the presentation thinking most folks know of Delicious and are using some form of social bookmarking. Goes to show - you should always test your assumptions!

With this comment fresh in my mind, I offer this primer on Delicious and social bookmarking. Actually, this is more of a resource for finding out more about this very useful (and for me - indispensable) tool.

  • Before you do anything, check out the Common Craft video on social networking. It is a great introduction and like all of their videos - entertaining.
  • Next, go to Educause and check out 7 Things You Should Know About Social Networking. Educause's "7 Things You Should Know" series is a great place to get information on most Web 2.0 technologies from an educators standpoint.
  • Of course, Wikipedia has an entry on Social Bookmarking for those that want even more information.
  • OK, now you are sold. Time to get started with a Delicious account. Delicious has a Getting Started guide that walks you through the process.
  • If you want to read more, check out "Delicious in Education" by Gabriela Grosseck. It is not light reading but offers a some good ideas.
  • Finally, you can see all of my links relating to Delicious and social bookmarking here. Yes, it is a link to Delicious - all of my bookmarks tagged with "del.icio.us".
  • In a future post, I will be talking more about using Delicious to develop a professional learning network. [link to post coming here]