Student Communication Published 2006-05-25

How do you communicate?
This is an ever evolving topic and thus I am interested how you communicate. Just post a comment to this message and describe what methods of communication you use with your friends and peers. Also let me know a little about yourself. Specifically, where are you from (Country and State/Province), your age, and your gender.

Here are a couple of specific questions you may wish to answer in your response:

  • Do you use social networking sites like My Space and if so, how?
  • Do you use email and if so, how?
  • How much of your communication is direct (synchronous like IM or talking on the phone)?
  • How much of your communication is indirect (asynchronous like email or posting to something like My Space)?
  • Do you read blogs? Do you post comments to blogs? Do you have your own blog?

Thank you for your responses


*Nasya-Dawn* said...

Heyy I'm from Snow Lake. Our teacher asked us to answer your questions.
To answer your first question no I don't use my space because it created a virus but I do use things like piczo, nexopia and bingbox. Even though I advise not to use bingbox. I use my piczo site as something to do when I'm bored. I use nexopia and bingbox to meet new people from Canada. I don't really like meeting people around the world.
I use e-mail to talk to my two best friends that moved to Germany and to forward chain links. That's it though. I use it to talk to people from Germany because I can't talk to them on msn much. That's because of our time difference.
Most of my communication is direct. I mostly talk on msn and the phone. I rarely use e-mail or comment. I'd have to say 80% of the time is direct and 20% is indirect.
Yes I do read blogs. I enjoy reading what other people say and helping them if they have any questions. Yes I do post comment to blogs. I mostly post comments to Union Grove, Guam, Braazil and Australia. I don't think that I posted comments to anyone from Canada yet. Except for our class.
Well I hope my answers help you until next time bye.


April said...

Hello! My name is April; I live in Canada and go to a school called Joseph H. Kerr. Here are my answers for these questions:

1) I do use social networking sites. I use things like Piczo, Kwik Blog, and Learner Blogs. I use Piczo to put up pictures of some fun times with my friends, and I use it to write a few things about me. I also put things for other people with Piczo to use on their sites, and much more. I use the two blogging sites to write about my life. Learner Blogs is my school blog and I write about school events on it. Kwik Blog is my personal blog, and I write about what's going on in my life and things that have nothing to do with school.

2) I do use e-mail, but I use IM more often. I use e-mail to contact my family that don't live with me, and I also use it to contact friends. I get a lot of FW: messages, but I don't always send them around; only the good ones. I subscribe to a lot of things using my hotmail address. Some things that I have subscribed to are and I get a daily Garfield comic from another site; I just can't remember the site name right now. I use my hotmail address to e-mail homework back and forth. If I do homework on the computer at home, I just e-mail it to my hotmail address and it gets sent to there. I can open it at school from there. If I do something in school, I can just e-mail it home if I need to work on it.

3) A lot of my communication is done directly. I am on MSN almost non-stop, chatting to my friends to see what's new with them. I e-mail my friends and family a lot too. I am also constantly on the phone. I usually call my friends to hang out, or just for something to do.

4) Not as much of my communication is indirect. I have my own Piczo website and blogs for people to post comments on what I write. Piczo and blogs are my only indirect ways of communicating.

5) I read blogs occasionally. I mainly read my friends' blogs, since I know them and I always know what they are talking about. When people live in other countries, I sometimes don't know what they are talking about when they post articles about certain events happening in their area. I am always posting comments on blogs. I give people my opinion and tell them about past times I have had that are almost like theirs. I also post comments to blogs that have quizzes or questions that I can answer. I have my own blog; two, actually. Learner Blogs is my school blog and I write about school events. My Kwik Blog that I keep on my Piczo site is about my life and what I do in my spare time (hang out with friends, work on my website, etc...) There is nothing about school on their.

These are all of the ways I communicate (well, the ways you asked about, that is.)


Amanda-lee said...

Hello my name is Amanda-lee and I am in Mr. Fisher’s class in Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada. I am really in to the internet I have an e-mail address but I don’t necessarily use it just got e-mails or msn messenger. I use my e-mail address for things on the wed like my space which you had for an example. I have a hi5 account that I need an e-mail address for, a Ringo account, and a bloglines account.
For Ringo I use my e-mail address to sign in ringo is a website that you can share pictures with your family and friends. Hi5 I use my e-mail address to sign in also and hi5 is just a website to meet new friends. Bloglines is just a site where all your favorite sites are in one place were they’re linked by there rss feeds.
I use my e-mail address for e-mails because I talk too many of my family members though e-mail. I have msn to talk to my friends. Think about you question on communication I do talk to a lot of people and not just by the internet or msn I talk to people on the telephone.
For your question on blog I am really in to blogs al though I do not update my blog as often I like to see what people have to write on there blogs and learn what they have to say. In all my blog I have three blogs but I only mostly every day update my blog on a teen website called Nexopia which I talk about what I did that day and what I am planning to do.

-Amanda-lee Rock on/Peace out

Jeff said...

The only social networking site I use is piczo.
Yes, i use email to send homework back and forth to school.
About 1/4 of my communication is direct.
About 3/4 of my communication is indirect.
Yes I read blogs, Post on them And yes i have my own blog.

Cya later, Jeff.

Greg said...

I am from Mr. Fisher's class and he wanted us to answer your questions you have posted onto your blog.
So to answer your first blog I would have to say yes because I do use blogs and wikis and hotmail. I use my blog as a personal online journal for school and other things such as hockey and traveling. I also use our school wiki to study off of. I use my hotmail account to send and recieve e-mails from my friends from other places.
I do use my e-mail. I use it to talk to people from out of town and to send and recieve e-mails from my friends.
I'd say about 75% of my communication is synchronous and about 25% is asynchronous.
Yes I do read blogs and I also post comments on other blogs and I do have my own blog that I write on occasionally.