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Wow - what a full day.  Eight presentations, five spotlights on coming apps and lots of networking, I am exhausted.  Did I forget to mention the Google party?

Here are a few items that I can share in these few minutes before I head back for Day Two.

First, I am so impressed with those who can blog while at a session.  I do not multitask very well and if I try and capture all of the ideas in a post I am unable to sit and synthesize. Luckily, there are many others who are capturing the ideas presented at each session.  [Here is the one that most impressed me.] 

Second: this is a web tech event so you should not be surprised that wifi was available.  In fact, there were seven (I think) connection to choose from.  This was way more than NECC 06 with far fewer attendees.  So why could we not get connected during the sessions?   Perhaps is was because at least 50% of the audience had their laptops out, trying to connect.

The plethora of laptops really interested me.  During one session, I watch the activity of those around me.  Some were taking notes - perhaps for their blog.  Others were snapping photos, downloading to their laptop and up to Flickr (when they had connectivity).  Many were staying connected with jobs, drafting emails, touching up work products, perfecting the message on a page, even collaborating on a project.  During a conversation prior to a session, I was listening to a Microsoft .NET evangelist discuss the future of ColdFusion.  During the conversation he continued reading/responding to emails - all the time remaining coherent. 

I compare this to the activity in our classes where we (traditionally) expect students to "stay focused" and "on task".  I would love to hear what others think about our expectations in the class and what kids are doing outside.

Stay tuned for posts on the some of the actual topics in which we as educators might be interested.

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Thanks for your link to my site (CenterNetworks) -- I appreciate it. I just added some MP3's of Michael's discussion including his Apple talk :)

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