Future of Web Apps Published 2006-09-12 under

I am on my way to a two day conference titled "Future of Web Apps" presented by Carson Systems. So what is a educator doing at a conference full of "Ruby on Rails" coders and high tech entrepreneurs? On the one hand, I see this trip like a visit to the zoo; instead of wild animals, I get to meet and hear from those that brought us such tools as Flickr, Technorati, Google Calendars, and Digg. I know that I am not part of their world, but I am hoping to get a glimpse of what might be in store for us down the road. Additionally, I cherish the chance to talk with folks outside of education about education. These folks get social networking, collaboration, and innovation.


Diane Quirk said...

Oh yes you are a part of their world - in fact, you ARE their world. Without educators and innovators and users who get it, they might not be in business. I hope you'll blog about this. Every once in a while, I look for conferences that are out of the ordinary from what I typically attend. The wider your range of knowledge the better a resource you are to your district.