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At every conference I attend, I wonder what can be done to extend the conversations begun during the sessions, keynotes, and social gatherings. Today, it is not uncommon to find several conference attendees blogging or podcasting on their experiences. The CUE Conference has always impressed me with their interest in being innovators in this area. In addition to the basics - conference correspondents, specific tags for all posts, and wireless Internet access - CUE gives each presenter the opportunity to submit an audio promo for their session which they make available in their SmartGuide.

In the spirit of extending the conversation, I have setup a "group" on Evoca called CUE 2007 where members can post audio recording of their thoughts, comments, and reactions after attending a conference event. Evoca allows members to create their recording directly from a cell phone. My vision is for attendees to leave a session and call in their comments while their ideas are fresh. Folks can listen to these audio recording and then post their own comments (similar to the way you can comment on a blog post). I am looking forward to some great discussions.

If you are interested in participating in this project, sign-up with Evoca (a free membership gives you 60 minutes of recording time) and then send me an email (rob AT digiwalks DOT org) with your Evoca username and I will add you to the group.

Even if you do not want to submit posts from the conference, I encourage you to listen to the comments of others.

NOTE: CUE Conference is March 1-3 this year.

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