Check-In: Your First Impression Published 2007-03-02 under

Dear CUE,

You know what they say… Your first impression is the most important. If so, congratulations for making my first impression of the CUE Conference 2007 a favorable one. I was greeted by some wonderfully cheerful and helpful folks at the registration desk and then met by an even more spirited group who gave me my conference bag. All was explained well and I was made to feel genuinely welcomed.

Near-by the registration area was a “café” where we could sit down and digest all of the materials we received. It was also an area where we could meet other conference participants and begin our socializing.

Mike Lawrence was easily spotted with his flashing digital pin and there were many others there to answer questions, quickly spotted by their large “Ask Me” pins.

I attend lots of conferences and for their warmth and organization, CUE’s check-in has always been at the top.



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