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edutopia Edutopia is a fantastic resource for teachers striving to be their best. Are you a member yet?

If you have not already become a member of Edutopia, I would highly recommend it. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member:

  • Subscription to Edutopia magazine - a great treat in your mailbox.
  • A New Day for Learning, a DVD discussing how learning can be extended beyond the classroom.
  • Occasional opportunities to chat (online) with education thought leaders and change agents.
  • A copy of The Best of Edutopia Cool Schools: Project Learning. Have not gotten mine, so I can't comment :-(

But this list fails to mention the most important benefit of your membership - that you will be supporting an quality organization with an outstanding vision:

Our vision is of a new world of learning. A place where kids and parents, teachers and administrators, policy makers and the people they serve are empowered to change education for the better. A place where schools have access to the same invaluable technology as businesses and universities -- where innovation is the rule, not the exception. A place where children become lifelong learners and develop the technical, cultural, and interpersonal skills to succeed in the twenty-first century. A place of inspiration, aspiration, and an urgent belief that improving education improves the world we live in.

Edutopia - About Us

Why am I pushing this group? In fact, Edutopia represents a better organized and funded version of the non-profit organization that I am in the process of founding. To some, they may be seen as the competition or at least a group that already exists with our purpose. Just one look at the focus of and you can see that they value most of the exact topics I value: Project Learning, Technology Integration, Teacher Development, Social and Emotional Learning, and Assessment.

It is this similarity that gives me such passion for Edutopia. Their vision and path toward change is consistent with mine. And, regardless who is carrying the torch, I want to support these values. I hope that you will join me in your support for Edutopia and perhaps later offer your support for my organization when it gets off the ground.

PS - for more information about the organization that I am founding or if you want to get involved, drop be a line at rob{at}myhallpass{dot}com.

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