My New Buddy Published 2008-06-10

buddy I have a new Buddy and have been showing her off to all my friends.

I have a new Buddy and unlike other buddies, this one is Genuine. In case you haven't guessed, my Buddy is a scooter - 125 tangerine. My wife and I have been talking about getting scooters since our honeymoon when we tooted around Victoria Island on two that we rented. With the price of gas as it is, we finally decided enough talk, let's get serious. I guess we are not alone. Just during the time I was in looking at my Buddy, three folks came in all ready to purchase and one even buying three scooters. The scooter companies recognize this as the price of ours went up significantly just two days after we purchased.

Zipping around town on our Buddy is great fun tempered by the constant reminder that there are crazy drivers out there - and they are driving big cars and probably talking on their cell phones while ignoring our little Buddy. I reroute my trips to include a lot more side streets which has its own reward. I am also learning that ridding a scooter exposes you to not just the other cars but bugs, road defects and the weather. A splattered bug on the windshield is an annoyance, a bee crashing into your neck is hazard. The other evening, after a long board meeting, I nearly froze as I did think how the cool air can be really cold if you are unprepared.

I am glad that we have our new Buddy and hope to see more of you tooting around town.

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